What are Instagram Oman Phone Number List and How to Use Them on Your Profile

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Instagram Stories are ephemeral content that is removed from your profile after 24 hours. However, there is a way to keep them via Highlights. In this article, we explain what Oman Phone Number List are and how to add them to your profile. Summary What are the highlights of Instagram? How to add Oman Phone Number List to your profile How to create a highlight How to Add a Current Story to Highlights How to add more stories to highlights How to remove highlights from your profile How to customize highlight covers Need some inspiration? Frequently Asked Questions 1. How many highlights can you add to your Instagram profile? 2. Can I see who has been viewed by Highlights, as well as Stories? 3. Do your Highlights disappear after 24 hours in the same way as Stories? What are the highlights of Instagram? Highlights is a feature of Instagram that allows you to aggregate Stories that you have shared in the past and feature them on your profile.

You can find the Highlights section just below the bio section. Even though stories usually contain less polished material than posts, you can still be proud of some of the stories you posted and would like to see them on your profile. This is where Highlights comes in. How to add Oman Phone Number List to your profile Adding highlights to your profile is super easy, as long as you have a library of past stories to lean on. This means that you have activated the archiving function of stories. The option is usually enabled by default in your mobile app, but you can verify that it is by following [b][url=]Oman Phone Number List[/url][/b] these steps. From your profile page, tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the screen. Select "Settings" from the menu that appears at the bottom. How to use Instagram highlights settings Go to "Confidentiality". How to use Instagram Highlights Privacy Select "History". How to use Instagram Highlight Story Scroll down until you find the "Save" section. 

The option "Save story in archive" must be activated. You can also choose to enable “Save Story to Gallery”, but it's not required to start creating highlights. How to Use Instagram Highlights Save Story Archive Now that you've made sure archiving is turned on, you can start creating Oman Phone Number List. How to create a highlight Open your profile in the Instagram app. Under your profile information, you should see the “Story Highlights” option. If you haven't added one so far, you'll need to tap the down arrow to show the hidden menu. How to use the Instagram highlights down arrow Tap "New" to add your very first group of highlights. How to Use Instagram Highlights Select the stories you want to group under a highlight, then hit "Next." How To Use Instagram Highlights Next On the next screen, you will need to enter a name to describe this group of stories. How to Use Instagram Highlights Edit Coverage You will also notice the “Edit Cover” option, which will be the image that will be displayed in the highlight bubble displayed on your profile. You can use any of the stories you selected for this Highlight Group or download a different one from your Camera Roll. 

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